My Teco boy (with no wool!)


Teco 2

Teco 3

Teco and Margie


Well here he is guys, the boy I love so much. Even with out his beautiful woollen coat!

I was telling Nafees today about how when I went to Teco boy and put my arms around to cuddle him he let his head fall into mine and just laid against me! Can you love someone more than you think you already do? Well at that moment I did! My heart melted and  I felt in awe of him and then to feel some reciprocated love… Bliss!

So, being the proud mother I thought I would show you pictures of my beloved Teco. The photo of me laughing was because he nudged me so hard I nearly fell over. He just thought he was hugging into me. Lol

Now remember I adore Margie, but our love is through eye contact only! She watches me shower him with affection, but no matter how much I try to have contact with her – it’s a No. So I look into her eyes as I’m feeding her and tell her she’s my princess. No matter what!  I just have to respect the way she wants to love me and be patient. 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend! Love and hugs to you all……Paula xx


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42 responses to “My Teco boy (with no wool!)

  1. Yahhhh!!! I can see this now lol.

    You look SUPER happy Paula *smiles* … and it looks like Margie is not letting you shore her still? Nevertheless, I love how Teco lets your wrap your arms around her as she eats.

  2. aw my sweet big sis 🙂 its nice to read and see you with Teco and Margie 🙂 Dont be worried about her, you know shes female, a typical female, complicated 😀 Don’t mind 😀 I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Lots of kisses, hugs and love for Teco and Margie.

  3. Paula, you both look so beautiful! I love how you respect the way in which each likes affection and accept their differences…

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

  4. Michael

    Thanks for leading me here. Nice content Paula. And stay happy in the new week !!!

  5. Natalya

    Aw, they’re sweet and you look so happy with Teco. I can see the love between Teco and you 😀

  6. Beautiful all of you – what such delightful shots Teco is proud and handsome isn’t he! Margie is adorable. You look wonderful…so yup yup a gorgeous trio there! 🙂 xxxxx

  7. good night you beautiful , I have to say without any prejudice, you look nice ! Post ‘s great, you’re great thanks that you share with us!

  8. tfaswift

    Oh my goodness, they’re gorgeous!!! And you’re so sweet and kind and patient. Animal lovers have a special place in my heart. xx

    • Hi and thanks for commenting! The unconditional love animals show us is priceless!! Hugs…..Paula xx

      • tfaswift

        I agree! I have a bunch of Pinterest boards, but my Animal Pics boards gets about 90% of my attention! I just love looking and photos of animals, and being around animals in general. 🙂

      • That’s so beautiful!! Night…it’s midnight and my bed is calling me! We have this love hate relationship…I love it when I’m asleep but I hate to go to bed!! LOl xxxx

  9. These pictures made me so happy. They are too cute!

  10. so beautiful and lovely they are… Blessing them all. Thank you dear Paula, love, nia

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