David is a wonderful therapist that I follow and you should too!
His post are both insightful and inspiring! ……Paula xx


By David Joel Miller.

Just what do you have packed away in your baggage?

Old BaggageThe idea that we all have some baggage, things that connect us to our past and that we keep carrying around with us, is common currency. We find that if we fill our lives up with that left-over stuff from the past then there is no room for making new experiences and memories in the present.

The result is that people continue to live in the past weighted down by their pain and suffering when they could just pitch some of that stuff and move on. Easy to say, this is really hard to do.

Unpacking that trunk is a task the may require some help. Professional helpers spend a lot of time working with people on healing from the past. Please consider getting some of that help. I don’t want to hear that you can’t…

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  1. sjajan post thank you for share it for us

  2. this is beautiful post! thank you for share it for us!

  3. I have loads packed away. Think I’m running out of bags. LOL

  4. beautiful post my friend !Have nice day!

  5. beautiful post my friend !

  6. You are right about it being a good read, Paula. Wise words!

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

  7. I have so much baggage it’s not even funny anymore..

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