Depression Exists? (Part 2)

Depression Exists: Along with many other Mental Illnesses!   Yes or No?

Have a look at this interesting post all about someone stating that they do not believe in mental disorders.

Make sure you then click on the link about mental disorders as well!

As far as I’m concerned these exist. But at times wish it wasn’t true! So what happens when you tell the millions of people suffering world wide… it’s NOT!   This is what I recently read about them NOT EXISTING and that we are all being conned!  It’s a very controversial post.

I pondered as to whether or not to talk about it. But what the hell! You be the judge.

Have a read and tell me what you think. Just don’t shoot the messenger!

*smiling* …….Paula xxx


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18 responses to “Depression Exists? (Part 2)

  1. I read briefly and in short words whatever that problem is, not a big deal if we’ve some beloved people around. Once I read that those people have less average ages who spend single lives. They become victim of diseases easily than other family persons.

  2. How strange that last comment of his? Perhaps he has physcho analysed himself one too many times?

  3. I stopped reading halfway through as I was getting angry. I left him a simple comment:
    I wonder … do you believe in god? If so, where’s the evidence he exists?

    • Hahaha! I left a comment ages ago….he didn’t respond!!
      *hugs* for posting a negative take on Mental Illness! xxxx

      • I don’t believe he has ever suffered depression. He has never met someone with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Whereas I believe that ASD’s are handed out too often as it a ADHD diagnosis, they do exist. My son has an ASD, I have suffered depression, as has my daughter who attempted suicide at the age of 8. I wonder, when he starts suffering with Alzheimer’s, will he change his mind then or just deny his marbles have been left on the playground

      • I hear you! and it’s so sad about your daughter:( my son fought depression and suicidal thoughts for most of his life. He’s 28 now, married with 2 boys. He was diagnosed with ADD,now ADHD at 5. In those days it was pretty rare and we didn’t really know a lot about it! He was never a naughty kid, it was more a learning disorder! He’s suffered depression pretty much all his life. I’m sure he’s Bipolar, but never checked it out! He controls his moods by keeping himself active. He holds a lot in though and when it gets too much, look out! He has to go away and calm down. Paula x

  4. I’m gone to tell my little brother, that he should also pay a quick visit this blog on regular basis to get updated from hottest information.

    • Hi Hollie! *waving* thanks for stopping by! People suffering with a mental illness or know’s someone who is, will find this information very controversial! I think knowledge is good and reading positive and negative information gives us this knowledge. What we choose to do with it is up to the individual! …….Paula xx

  5. There is no evidence for it????? Is he for real??
    What the hell is that guy’s problem? Maybe the idea that the person’s will is a crucial thing in fending depression is what made him write that post, but to say that it does not exist and there is no evidence??? There are studies and tests and so many MRI and Brain scan tests that prove the altered status that help to contribute to that condition. Where does he get off??
    Just ignore him, the truth is out there and he’ll realize it once he feels depressed, which is a sure thing to happen to anyone at some point. 🙂

  6. I could not finish that link…I’d rather read your blog! 😉
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • So funny!! Very negative and in my opinion….way out of touch!!
      Thanks Wendy-Lee…….Paulama xxx

      • I agree completely with you! My father was diagnosed with Bipolar illness in his late twenties and was able to get proper help and be a kind father to his four children… I’ve read up a lot on it and I can say that he had a classic example of a very real illness. He was a very sweet man. He died 14 years ago due to complications brought on by a new prescription he was taking. He was never harsh to me even for a second. xo

      • I’m like that! I have a placid personality and very very rarely get angry!
        That’s sometimes my problem, people can walk all over me. Enjoy your day! xxx

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