Who would have thought  that writing into cyberspace would be so therapeutic! 

To all that reads this, I now look at you all as my blog family.


I have days where I think no, I can’t be bothered going through posts! But then I tell myself  to get bothered, and stay connected. That’s what blogging has taught me about Bipolar and Depression. The key to staying healthy in your mind is to stay connected!!! It’s so easy to slip back into old, negative habits.

So when I can’t be bothered and still manage to encourage myself to get back on the computer, and keep up to date, I never regret it. Why? Because of you. Yes you!  In there, that’s right! I’m talking to YOU – the person reading this! *laughing*

Each and every one of you have helped in my recovery in one way or another! I thank you for making me laugh and remembering how beautiful life can be!

My real life is so much happier as a result of all the support you have shown me throughout the year! 

As much as I’m grateful for the recognition by way of awards, I won’t be accepting anymore. Please don’t be offended! I mean no disrespect. I find them time consuming and feel guilty passing them on. Just to have you like and comment from time to time is gratitude enough for me! Real life and cyber life can get quite busy, so this is an easier way to keep the two balanced! *smiling*

Like I said, I feel we are all connected in one big cyber family. Just knowing that there are lifelines out there (yes, I mean you, my lovely readers!) is what I most appreciate. 

Love and prosperity to each and every one of you!!

Thank you for all your beautiful posts and comments!

Love Paula xxxx

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20 responses to “Blogging

  1. It makes me smile to visit blogging friends like you! I appreciate your kindness and openness. Warm wishes for you Paula!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Aren’t you just the cutest little thing!!! We luvs ya too honey-pie. xxxoooxxx 🙂

  3. Family of Bloggers is awesome. We go from house to house, reading a letter that is on the table. A letter that has been left there for for people to see. Like with mine – I leave a photo on the table and a music CD ready to play. Sometimes I will leave a sheet of paper with a poem or poetry on the table.

    It is nice as we get to see a little of each other

  4. I guess even the negative and the bad is not always how they seem… We would never have met, right? 🙂

  5. Your post just shed more light upon my day. I am bipolar as well and am experiencing and episode. but I do feel that blogging is therapeutic. I always say we live to shine light for others, and this post just saved me whole day. I have a little more energy now.


  6. You find the most awesome blog pictures.

    At any rate *huggss* …and I agree with you … the awards … they are nice and they are appreciated In the end though, it comes down to the connections to others … the friends we have made.

    I love that you are my friend.

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