Depression Exists! (Part 1)

sad tears

Depression Exists.

Depression exists to the point of numbness! You literally don’t know where to start and which problem to deal with first.

I say first because it’s usually a gradual process of things that have lead you to where you are today. Nearly all of us have had it coming for some time, slowly slowly… Another thing to keep silent about.

Thinking becomes painful. What’s happening to me? Am I going crazy?

Then we plead to God to help us. Even a nonbeliever like me has begged him to help. Has he come? I don’t know. But I do know that at that very point of despair we get this inner strength that helps us to keep fighting, and not give into the temptation of our negative thoughts. Thoughts that we’re not good enough or have failed in some way. But we haven’t failed! Lost and confused however? Yes!

Depression exists. So many share these thoughts. And for those that do not support this fact, are you seriously suggesting that millions of people worldwide “fake” the same illness? That so many commit suicide for the hell of it? Not being able to lead a normal, healthy life because they want attention? Are you serious?????

People suffering Depression don’t want anyone to feel sorry for them! They just want to feel healthy again, and be what society deems NORMAL.

They want to laugh!
Go to work everyday without worrying  if it’s going to be their last; fearing they may lose their jobs from the amount of days they’ve called in sick!
Continue with the sport they once loved!
Be able to meet up with friends and family – and actually enjoy being there!
To be able to face their family without fear of feeling like a failure!
Go to school or Uni without feeling like an outsider and failing to produce results that they once breezed through!
Not lay in bed, crying for days…. Thinking they can’t face another day!
They don’t want to argue with their spouses out of shear frustration of not knowing what to do to make them understand –  when they themselves don’t know what to do!
Isolate themselves as they feel they no longer fit!
Enjoy singing or playing a musical  instrument that once gave them joy!

I could go on and on!!

Please p l e a s e don’t tell these people it’s all in their heads.

Be helpful…Be sympathetic….Be hopeful….Be understanding….Be kind.


There are so many reasons people suffer depression –  they just might not tell you their life story. The pain they could be dealing with is one you are lucky to have not encountered.

Don’t judge until you have walked in their shoes!

Paula x

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25 responses to “Depression Exists! (Part 1)

  1. Well said. It’s hard to understand feeling that way if you’ve never experienced it but it is very real to many people.

  2. Paula, this is so well said and needs to be heard! I think your advice for how friends can help is spot on. Kindness and just listening are powerful!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Morning Wendy! *waving* So many people have no-one to talk to!
      It makes me feel sad just thinking about it! Christmas can be a lonely time for these people and my heart goes out to them! Have a good day!…..Paula xx

      • You are so correct about that. Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of the arrival of the Prince of Peace and yet for so many it is not a peaceful time. I find myself avoiding a lot of the busyness so we can be peaceful in our home. Then if someone has a need we won’t be too busy to help… I hope you are having a cozy day!

      • Your very special Wendy! xx

  3. Very well put, I can relate to this alot, but I believe God did listen and helped me out of the hole I found myself.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    • Hi Wayne! You have found god and I’m happy for you! You and my wonderful Wendy are both religious. I’m not prejudice to any race or religion. I’m just not religious but I embrace everyone! I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved! Go you! …….Paula x

  4. well written, Paula 🙂

  5. I think what most people don’t realize is that depression is not just something you think or an emotion you feel–that there is actual physical pain that goes with the emotional feelings….

  6. Hello my darling. Wonderful and informative, raw and emotional as usual.
    I felt a little like this last night. I didn’t have inspiration to write, I just wanted to crawl under the covers. As soon as I did I felt protected, peaceful and if I had only managed to get to sleep before 2.30am all would have been well with my world. Love you and thank you xxooxxoo

  7. I’ve been through it. Half the time I was busy denying there was anything wrong with me. It was as if I didn’t wanna believe that I was actually in depression. It was only when people started pointing out how messed up I looked was when I did realise.

    • I understand completely! Denial was my best friend. *laughing* I hope your feeling better and have found some help. It’s not something we get over, over night! but at least once we accept we need help, the healing process can begin. Do you enjoy Christmas? I do! It brings my mood right up. *smiley face* ….Paula xx

      • I am much better now. Been working on turning my life around and putting all that anger and frustration into something constructive.
        And yes, I do love Christmas, it’s a magical time 🙂 Though I have to admit, the best feeling in the world is when I see a patient get better. The smile on his face is worth diamonds 🙂

      • That’s beautiful! *huge hug* xxxx

  8. Depression – nods … I think too … it is the lonliness. I do not mean feeling lonely makes one depressed …but that being depressed is a lonely disease. Whether people are there or not does not matter….when it has you in its grip, you feel like you are alone. Depression is an insidious disease … it lies to you. It tells you false things.

    It hurts to see others going through it.

    • Oh Katiekins! *huge hug* It certainly does lie to you and feeling lonely is sooo true.Deep down no-one can really feel, the mental and physical pain your dealing with. They may see us in disarray, but no-one can feel someone else’s pain. Love to you Katie! xxxx

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