Inner Beauty

How do we learn to love and appreciate ourselves without judging our exterior?

You know, I think even the most beautiful people in the world still judge themselves without cause.

We tell ourselves that we are  too old, too fat, too skinny, too shy, too different, too poor, too ugly, too dumb, too scared… Too everything!!!!

Our poor brain. How can it cope with all this self loathing? 

It can’t!

Eventually we become Depressed from all the negativity we have fed our brain over the years.

Mumsy is someone I follow and care about very much. Reading her post, she was having one of those days where if something was going to go wrong, it did! When the day was over  she realised looking in the mirror that things about her body weren’t as they once were and it made her feel down. I wanted to hug her so much and tell  her none of that matters and she’s a beautiful person. For some reason, you can’t jump through a computer!*laughing*

So it got me thinking about the whole body image thing and how guilty I am of picking on myself every day.

I don’t care what anyone else looks like, I love them for who they are. So why are we so unkind to ourselves?

I think I weigh myself about 6 times a day! What the? Do I really think it’s going to change that much in a day? No! but it becomes such a psychological nightmare that you’re looking for any change, no matter how small! How huge do we think we really are? Since I was a young girl weighing 45 kilos, I’ve always had body issues. What the hell – 45 kilos and I still didn’t like myself. How distorted is that for thinking? So no wonder now at  44 I think I’m disfigured at  58 kilos! I never look and judge anyone else, so why do I berate myself so much? *Blah*

Medication puts on weight and we all struggle with who we have become- over who we once were.

But you know what? No matter how big or small  you are, you’re still you! The same kind, loving, caring,compassionate person you have always been.

This is definitely a psychological thought that we need to change! But how??

Why does it usually take an accident, or something else serious like cancer, before we realise how lucky we’ve always been! 

Love you Mumsy! xxx

Paula xx

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22 responses to “Inner Beauty

  1. Can I cry at reading what you have just written young lady?? Well you can’t stop me, I teared up. You are such a wonder, I wish you had been able to jump through the computer!!! 🙂
    I too weigh myself constantly …sad but true, my Pop does also has but he weighs once a day and even writes it in a book he keeps by his bed! He goes with 2 grams over 1kg over, 500gm under (hmm OCD-ish)

    I LOVE YOU and I only know you only from posts and I want to thank you for being inspired by what I wrote to write this post for others. I also want to say again THANK YOU for the Lovely Blogger Award…your a sweetie/honey-pie and simply delicious person. xxxxxxxxx

    • Oh! You made me want to cry! *hugs* Your like a motherly figure to me and your words bring me comfort! Constantly weighing is definitely a little OCD! *laughing* I’m so jealous of those that love and appreciate themselves. I’m glad your a part of my life, even though it’s a cyber one! One day we WILL meet! xxxxxxxx

  2. i too weigh myself at least twice a day!!! 0,5kg up can ruin my whole day. Even worse is that i am never satisfied with my appearance no matter how much i weigh and despite the fact that i exericise quite a lot. You are right only when something serious happens you get over this obssession and finally like yourself they way you are. i too envy the people that are satisfied with themselves and they way they look!!!!!!!!

  3. This is SUCH a wonderful blog.

    YOU are grand beautiful.
    Mumsy is to me, mind stunningly beautiful.

    And I will say I am talking both in the physical sense….AND the inner person sense.

    I have put our sscale away. I did so a while ago as I want to not have my daughter grow up thinking the scale is needed. (Actually, I use a kitchen food scale … but that is different.) I don’t know if this will work … but will try it.

    Have I mentioned yet how happy I am to have you as a friend?

    • Putting the scale away is a great idea. I don’t have one either–not that I can’t find other ways to obsess about how I look, but this is one less temptation.

  4. I’m the lucky one! My blog family…I have a blog family! *smiling* makes me feel so happy and has helped me get through this year more than anyone will ever really know! Taking those scales away will definitely help. Go you for even thinking along those lines! Hugs to you Katie!! …xxxxxx

  5. Thanks for sharing the struggle… positive affirmations have actually been a big help for me in this area…literally having to repeat to myself, “you’re a beautiful woman” before I look in the mirror–that horrible voice in your head might counter that–but at least you’re fighting back!

    • That’s great you can say those words! *smiling* I try, but that stupid voice is always there making me feel crap! Thanks Nicole for giving me something to try! *smiley Face* xxx

  6. anautismdad

    In my darkest times, I find one thought holds me up. That is I am the best in the world at being me. With all my strengths and flaws, no one else can match me at being me. I find it a good thought.

  7. I think that desire for change is very important too. great post 🙂

  8. I had eating disorders in my late teens and early twenties and so this post really reminded me of how blessed I am to be out of that old trap! I love your advice to treat ourselves as we would others and stop being so hard on our body image. It really is what is on the inside that counts! 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Me too! I struggled as a teenager to eat. I felt sick the thought of it!
      Now when I’m unhappy I Binge eat! Can’t win:)
      I’m trying really hard to work on this and love the advice offered from others! Hug to you Wendy. xxxx

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