Blog of the Year 2012 Award


I’d like to extend a very big ‘Thank You!!’ to the lovely Mumsy for giving me this award.
Please do her the honor and peak at her blog site, great writings and ramblings! 😉
I thank you, Mumsy!
Thank you for your ongoing support and friendship.

Visit her at –

As always, it is a difficult thing to nominate someone when you enjoy reading so many different blogs.

However my nominations are: 

 Katie – You’ve just always been so supportive of me and my quest, such a fabulous writer and a friendly person; you have a fantastic sense of humour!

Ivonne, you’re a very unique individual; it makes me happy to see people pursue their dreams and your appreciation for animals is enough common ground. 😉 Plus… I FREAKING LOVE CLOWNS!!!

Rachel, I am grateful for having other tips and experiences for coping with bipolar. You have helped me a great amount in my healing.

David, You are a great therapist! It is admirable to see someone so dedicated to their work and always willing to lend a helping hand and a little bit of advice when you’re feeling down. Thank you.

Ahamin, you’re a fantastic author. You have been incredibly supportive of me, I hope that you will gain further exposure to your novel: “Psychs” People should definitely check out what you have to say. 🙂
Agata, you’re an incredibly cheerful person. It brings me great joy to read and follow your blog from day to day. Your inspirational quotes are a key element in my getting through the day.

Wendy, you’ve always been happy, cheery and open to others. I love your poetry and photography! Nature is a beautiful thing, it’s always good to see a more humane way of capturing its beauty. 😉

As I previously stated, there are soo many who I would care to mention. I apologise if I have left you out, please do not feel offended as I have just attempted to not consume your time as each blog is a journey of its own.
There are many stories out there waiting to be told, or that have been told. I feel that these ones in particular are important for everyone to be exposed to.

To all the people that I follow and vice versa, I thoroughly enjoy the times we spend in this cyber realm. You are each a great inspiration and help to me, to mention all of you would take me all day.
I hope that this footnote will suffice. 🙂

Thanks for everything,
Paula. xx


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23 responses to “Blog of the Year 2012 Award

  1. Congratulations on your nomination, Paula! Thank you for your visits, kind words, and nomination! I appreciate my blogging friends, like you, very much.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Ahhhh Paual .. hugggssss. Super yah for you … a very,very well deserved award.

    And thank you for nominating me as well. You and Mumsy both honor me with such things. Thank you. It’s one’s like you and Mumsy that I admire and am grateful to.

  3. Congratulations my dear Paula! I feel very happy for you! Thank you so much for mentioning me here as well! Much love to you! 😀 xxo

  4. Well deserved. Your blog has seen you leap from strength to strength. I so enjoy coming along for the ride.

  5. lol more ramblings than writing at times…but thank you for saying such lovely words honey-pie. xxxxxxx 🙂 and yet another nick-name!!!

  6. Congrats 🙂
    I too have just nominated your awesome blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award 🙂
    Have a look at

    😀 😀 😀

  7. congratulations on your award – and thank you for passing it on to other great blogs – hope you can display the one star award and start collecting the stars!
    off to have a read of your blog now!

  8. Just posted the award… Thanks again for your nomination, Paula! 🙂

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