A word from me to you


I just thought I would have a chat about depression. I speak – amongst other things – about what the situation was around my breakdown, how I should have asked for help, and how much blogging means to me now.

When I say that Depression can be cured… doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t need medication to aid this.. It depends on what type of depression your suffering!

Paula x


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28 responses to “A word from me to you

  1. If people havn’t yet told you how incredibly awesome you are … then let me say it for everyone.

    Paula … you are SUPER AWESOME !!!!

    When you write your blog posts about depression, I can feel how much you care. This video … I just want to hug you.

    Thank you … sometimes I need to hear these kind of messages. They are filled with hope … and god I love you.


  2. Hahaha! I can truly say I have never been told I’m Super Awesome! *laughing* so thank you Katiekins! I hug you and love you back! xxxx

  3. Paula, I understand where you are coming from. I have had thoughts of suicide since I was a child. I remember sitting in the shower rocking back and forth—I was in my jammies–and wishing I was dead. I do not remember what happened or why I felt that way–only the rocking back and forth and wishing to be dead at the age of 8 or nine. Anything can trigger that deep dispair–not having enough money for bills, someone telling me they can’t work–which means I don’t make money—feeling unloved–you name it—My logical brain tells me one thing–but my depression tells me something else—and like you have said in a precious blog–it doesn’t matter how blessed you are or what the good things are–when it hit it hits—

    I loved the video and my dear do not aplogize for your blog being about depression—–it is your expression and your being honest about what you experience helps others as well…



    • Hi Ivonne! *waving* thank you so much for all the kind things you have said! I was 10 when I first wanted to die.Like I said part is the illness and the other is my childhood. I had a breakdown at 14 and as a result had to leave school. You can have the best life in the world…but like you said,”Depression is Depression!” no amount of money changes that. It’s up to us to fight it! xxxxxx

  4. I had tingles and chills as I listened to how eloquently you spoke about your illnesses. OMG Paulama you are truly an amazing lady, so brave and so wonderfuly honest and open to do this. Whoever watches your video will gain strength from it, that I am sure. You have such a wonderful sense of humour and outlook on the world and though you suffer with various ‘ailments’ that can only act as a balance for you.
    Do not for one minute think that us who follow you aren’t following for a reason. I find strength in your posts and now this video and yes I do not suffer from anything as you do (ok perhaps a bit OCD at times) 🙂 but
    I enjoy reading everything you write and your determination to overcome and help others is inspiring!!!!!
    Bless ya cotton socks woman for doing this you are one very special Paulama xxxxxx000000xxxxxxx

    • Mumsy can you feel me hugging you? because I am! *tight* Blogging has helped so much. You along with all my followers have contributed to my happiness. Doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days! I would be lying to say I don’t! *smiling* By being able to see every one’s blogs and how their coping, helps immensely! Thank you for supporting me!

  5. Thank you for this. I appreciate that you are writing and speaking out about these issues; and as you say, it’s difficult for a man to admit when he needs help. In some communities, as you know, seeking help for mental illness is seen as either a weakness, indulgence, or a “lack of faith”. I had a long conversation with a pastor about that. I was of the opinion that an illness that affects some other part of your body – diabetes, for example – gets looked upon more favorably than an illness that affects the brain. His take on it was that “depression isn’t in the Bible, so it can’t be a real thing.”

    Hence, why I love the fact that your blog is titled “Depression Exists”. Thank you for writing it.

  6. Thank’s for reading it! I can imagine how hard it must be for you to talk about it! Then for someone to dismiss what your saying as nonsense…Worse! This type of thinking is what caused me to break in the first place! IGNORANCE!!!! I hope you ignored this and have found the help you need and deserve in order to feel better! ….Paula xxxx

  7. You are so brave being so honest. I have insomnia but I am working on it. You know, turning off the brain is a challenge sometimes.

    I hope this song comforts and soothes you
    SIMPLE GIFTS by Jewel

    I have an encouragement blog you might want to visit some time. I had clinical depression for years due to an undiagnosed brain tumor that nearly killed me last year. I wish you peace and joy. God does not want us to live the rest of our lives in sorrow, fear, or pain. He does want us to feel joy. We were not meant to live a lifetime of winters.

  8. Jaen Wirefly

    Depression sits in your mind and makes the world look hopeless and you question every breath. Then it passes and you wonder what you were thinking? It’s kind of surreal.

  9. Hahaha! I’m Borderline too! Okay…I definitely know where your coming from! Life can definitely be exciting- tiring and down right annoying being our other halves! xx

  10. Nice to see you in person. 🙂
    Truth be told, I am like you. I have three phases, rainbow and sunshine, boring normal and then there’s those days where I feel like not going on. I have thoughts of suicides, somehow I believe everyone in their life must have this thought crossing their minds, the easy escape. But there are two thoughts in my head that will always make me go on.
    1- Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been beaten, insulted, bullied, you name it. But I never stopped going forward because if I stopped everything around me wins, and I lose. Choosing the easy way is me admitting that everything had passed, everyone who I loved and every single obstacle that I passed did not matter. I do it for others and not just for me, I won’t choose that way because if I did I am a coward, and I will be betraying everyone, especially me.
    2- We are all slowly dying… So why not see it through? We never know what may come in our lives, if death is inevitable then we shouldn’t try to do what surely will happen on its own.

    I have been sleep deprived for 4 years, ever since I was robbed (which was actually a funny story 🙂 ) But I try my best, I read a book or check out some blogs. My best way to deal with depression is knowing that it’s not permanent, laughter comes eventually and we will appreciate it more.

    Too bad we are half a world away from each other, otherwise I would have hugged you 🙂

    All the best Paula.

    Oh hey… there’s those clowns you talked about…. 🙂

  11. Hi Ahamin. Thanks for being so open and honest with your feelings! *hugs*
    Like you I’ve come to realize that if I give in… those that harmed me win!
    Your right! what if I was told tomorrow was my last day on earth? Would it change how I feel or would I be relieved? Interesting thought! I can feel your cyber hug, so thank you!
    You’ve shown all of them that you won’t be beaten ever again! in more ways than one! Thanks for your support Ahamin. xxx

  12. I pray, let all be cured!

    Critique/review/comment my flash fiction in the LINK please

  13. mistymidnite

    I did not read every single comment, but from the number of the lines it must mean that you are a special person. I am in awe of your bravery and courage in this video. I am glad to find you and am now “following”…. You look great and did such a great job. Thank you !!

  14. You answered a lot of questions. Katie is right 🙂 super awesome. How fast do you cycle?

    • It depends on what’s actually being triggered. I can be rainbow, hail and sunset all in one! Lol I stopped taking Lithium and learnt to balance my moods myself. If I just stop and breath gently in and out I can usually control the Anxiety. Once that’s controlled the rest seems to settle. If not? Then it can take me awhile to quieten my mind again. Still, I lead a very good and productive life. Again that whole support system is crucial. I’m so lucky to have my family. Hugs to you and I hope this helped you understand me a little better? Paula xx

  15. Samantha hicks

    Hi Paula I just watched your vid. I was discharged on Friday from perth clinic after almost 3 weeks. It’s been tough. I got comfort from your words. There should be more people to open up about depression. It’s very hard for my family. Thanks again for your honesty. Samantha.

    • Hi Samantha,

      I’m really glad to hear that your well enough to come home. It’s not easy for you or your family and friends.
      I work from my home as a massage therapist, and have just gone into some beauty treatments…that’s why I haven’t written many posts at the moment. Too busy.
      Blogging helped me more than any one will ever know, so keep blogging. Relapse at this stage of coming home can be easy, so be gentle on yourself and what your capable of doing.
      Be kind to yourself and take baby steps. One day at a time. Remember your more than your illness and things slowly will get better. I’ll pop over to your blog and see how you are.

      Take care of yourself, Samantha! Hugs Paula xxx

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