Happy Weekend!


I am heading down to see my llamas.

Have a great weekend!

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15 responses to “Happy Weekend!

  1. wish you an awesome weekend, Paula 🙂

    • Thanks Nafees! I accidentally, stupidly, don’t know how? left the Llamas gate open! *Ack!* We tracked them down at the back of the property.
      *phew* I felt sick with worry as we have no side boundary fence. That will now be rectified! *smiling* Luckily Teco loves his food, he came running for it and Margie followed behind. She comes right to the gate of her paddock,then goes.. No Way! So it took a great deal of couching to get her in! Never again will I be soooo careless! ….Paula xx

      • oh my god, that would be so irritating and worrying for you because once it happened to us. Our goat with two little kids lost and she didnt came back whole night. we thought jackals or dogs had killed her and her kids. But fortunately she was safe even in mountains where wild pigs and jackals were everywhere. Dont be careless about them. I lost my many pets because of my careless but then I was younger.

      • I Know I know! Damn it, never ever ever again! xxxxxx

  2. I wish you an awesome weekend and all the best!

  3. Hope you are having a good time 🙂

  4. Thank you! Hope you enjoyed yours also? …..Paula x

  5. Hey Paula *hugggss*

    See’s you are back from your weekend ….and I read that the llamas got out. Ack! Am glad both T and M were safe. Did they look stressed? (can llama’s look stressed?)

    Tis nice to see a familiar face.

    • Oh Katiekins! I was beside myself!
      Yes they can and do get stressed. I think they liked the adventure though….checking out all the trees and shrubs they could graze on! *laughing* x

  6. I am sure you have had a really lovely weekend 🙂

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