Depression Exists

Depression Exists:

Sometimes you need to sit back say nothing and just listen… Shhhhhhhh…
Try it! Calm your mind.

Why? Because if you listen closely and you’re not just lining up to speak next, you can hear so much more!

You can hear the sadness the loneliness of so many people around you. All trying their hardest not to let their guard down.

But you’re still, and you’re finally listening. They can’t hide. You’re hearing them for the first time.

*peace and sadness in one breath*

Can you imagine that?

So do we actually listen to someone? OR ARE WE ALL JUST LINING UP TO HAVE OUR SAY????????

Depression is so much more than being lonely or sad or whatever. It’s deep and cutting to your very soul. We try to hide, not wanting people to see what’s really going on.

When Depression has you in its grip how easy it is to  block everything else out around you?!

Breathing in and out, again!  How easy is it for tears to just roll down your face. WHY? Because we hold onto so many things, and suffer in silence!

You don’t need to cry out loud because you’re already bleeding tears on the inside.

Don’t be afraid! Stop hiding! You need to just let it out! Get rid of it! And know it will soon pass!!

Breathe away the disappointment the pain the sadness the feeling of never feeling good enough etc… Get rid of it all!!!!

It’s like a poison and you don’t need it eating you from the inside out.

Having depression and crying all the time serves us no purpose!

We need to slow down  take a deep breath and try put things back into perspective!

Work through one problem at a time. Remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day!

If you know someone suffering in silence and don’t know how to approach the subject, just go and put your arms around them and let them know you’re there! You have no idea how much that will help them!!!

Do you ever just stop and listen?

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16 responses to “Depression Exists

  1. only one thing I believe that depression is like a beast and it comes to you when no beloved one is around who loves you too. You don’t have one?

    • Sad thing Nafees is I have plenty that love me. Sometimes that’s just not enough! So try and imagine It… to a giant void inside your heart!
      You know it’s there… but when your down, you cant feel it!
      Right now all is well in my kingdom! *laughing* so do not worry for me friend!
      I write once a week about Depression Existing for those who can’t talk about it.xxxx

      • oh great then 😀 its really nice to hear and its really cool writing for others. By the way “visa” is open for you “kingdom” 😉 ?

  2. My darling girl… I am being silent, stopping and listening… 🙂
    I loves ya for what you wrote even more

    PS Your post on Tunisian…. cannot be opened…conflict with wordpress ???

  3. Thanks mumsy. *smiling* I loves you back! *hugs tight*
    I shall try fix that one…xxxxxxxxxx

  4. I think one of the hardest parts of depression is maintaining the image of normality. When someone asks you how you are, you say fine, even though you want to say you think you might be dying or that you’re terrified to leave the house. This takes a lot of effort!!

    • I don’t think it’s that people don’t care…just too snowed under with their own troubles and don’t want to get involved!
      We just need to be held and told,”Everything’s going to be alright!”
      Plus people are frightened of the unknown! that’s the problem with the stigma still attached to mental illness.Kind of like, “Step back if your unhappy! you may stab me?” What the?? x

    • Kelly Zooms

      rachelmiller1511, I agree with you that it takes a lot of effort to keep up appearances. We try so hard to look normal and act normal, and then when the crowd is gone, the sun goes down, and we are alone…we break down. Life is not easy; it takes work. We have to keep going for the ones who love us and depend on us. But you are right. It is so hard. I wish more people understood what it’s like. I wish I could open up about it, but everyone wants to maintain their walls, their facades of normalcy. I just want to drop my mask, but when I do, people are unprepared to handle so much raw truth. They suddenly sprint away as fast as they can. Loneliness again. But I am going to keep on living (even if it’s not for myself), and I am going to keep on trying. I hope you will too!

      • Very truthful and positive words to Rachel! *smiling* Depression in itself makes people feel they have failed…so by not admitting how they really feel..they haven’t!
        Until finally something has to give and we fall to our knees! *Boom*.. we explode! Keep fighting!… Paula x

  5. Reblogged this on heartily recommend and commented:
    This is certainly worth reading with love maxima

  6. This is certainly worth reading !with love maxima

  7. Your words describe what I often feel. I like the image you have of crying tears of blood on the inside–I would love to use that line in a song if I may?
    Depression is a monster, it is a beast and it doesn’t matter how many people love you or how blessed you really are–when it grabs a hold of you it just wants to take you down into the black abyss. I so get it.


  8. Most people are preoccupied by their own life they tend to ignore those who are around them. I believe everyone should isolate themselves from their lives from time to time, to let us see the world around us and evaluate ourselves too.

    I loved your post… and you say you are not creative… 🙂

    A. H. Amin

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