Four Days in Melbourne

As you would have read, I have been to Melbourne and am now back home again!

So what did we do?

Okay!…. Imagine 5 girls in adjoining rooms getting ready for a big night out. Hairdryers going off, faces being painted, laughter… Trying to actually get out the door… Not easy!! But boy did we have a fun night! We went to 2 clubs in the Crown and danced ’til we could dance no more! What do I love about going to a club or bar early? *Yip* Half priced drinks!!

So that’s the night but what about the day?

So what did we do: Had to go check out the Victoria Street Markets. If you haven’t been and are planning a trip there it’s worth a look. The funniest thing I bought there was a hair piece: a very long hair piece. *laughing* If you want attitude just wear a hair piece. You feel like a Spice Girl!

Went to the DFO (Direct Factory Outlets). They’re great, especially if you want reasonably priced designer clothes. No way would I pay full price for some of those outfits!! Can you believe I brought a Karen Millen pair of denim shorts for $39 *smiling* Full price they were $195. OMG you’re going who would pay that? Great bargains are what make the outlets a great place to shop!

We also wandered along Bourke Street. So many beautiful clothes. Melbourne has a ton of shops – if only it were possible to see them all in 4 days!

Swam in the Crown’s pool… It’s huge and indoors. (Very nice!)

My sister and I gambled.  The girls aren’t into wasting money!! *whoops* Did I just admit that gambling is a waste of money? *laughing*… okay! I lost!!! But I had fun losing:)

Checked out some really nice restaurants along the river by Crown. Melbourne has great restaurants!.. Apart from that and drinking in between working out what to do? That’s about it.

I love my girlfriends and enjoyed spending time with them.*smiling*

Next year it’s back to BALI!

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19 responses to “Four Days in Melbourne

  1. Ohh….that photo is succchhh a gorgeous night time shot nod nods.

    And ….yahhhhhhh for girls weekend!!!! it sounds like you had a blast…it sounds like you spent the days getting exhausted shopping and walking and everything…and at night you wound down in a fun way.

    Ok…I soooooooo want to see you with the …are they extensions?!?!?? Give us a look! LOL…yahh….you sound happy…and that is grand good.

    • Thanks Katiekins!!..It really was great fun. As for the hair…*smiling*
      I need my Jacks to give me courage!! *laughing* Definitely be having that drink with you guy’s one day!!!! xxxxxxx

      • I do not drink all that much…I will be your designated driver lol. (Actually, if we all were to meet, I’d definitely have a drink with you all *smiles*)

  2. Yay the Melbourne Post I was waiting for!!! Yay you!
    Nothing beats having a group of girlies putting their faces on and hair doos…hopefully you were sipping on champers or a Chardy at the same time?? Otherwise I couldn’t possibly forgive you! **laughing**. Good to have a flutter and I looooove DFO’s (linen pants ring a bell?) I’m like Katiekins put up a pic of the hair extension! Glad you had a wonderful time and shared it with us….and YES you sound happy…woot woot!! xxxxxx

    • Thanks Mumsy!!!!
      *laughing* I was drinking Vodka Cruisers! Champagne puts me on my ear!!!
      I’m a Bourbon girl from way back:) …It’s the only drink that sits really well in my drunken stomach at the time!! *laughing*….you only live once!!!
      Give the hair thing a think? xxxxx

  3. Sounds like you gus had a blast and it makes me want to add Melbourne to my Bucket list.



  4. Ivonne HELLLOOOOOO glad you visited Paulama as we call her now 🙂
    PLEASE put Australia …if not Melbourne on your bucket list I promise you …you won’t regret it 🙂

  5. Sounds like you had a great girls weekend away 🙂

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