Girly Time!!

Very excited to be heading off to Melbourne with my sister and some girlfriends!!..Woohoo!

Going to my favourite state (besides Perth!)… Yes! It’s Melbourne!!!

Love the casino so that’s where I’m heading!… I love the buzz that casinos have.

Now I am a little hesitant about mentioning my love of the excitement, colour and drama of casinos. Gambling is a serious social issue, and problem gamblers create awful situations for themselves and their loved ones. Please accept that my love of time in casinos is in no way an endorsement of inappropriate gambling or the irresponsible promotion of gambling. Problem gambling ruins lives – but when it is a moderated activity, gambling can a lot of fun.

Shopping is definitely on the agenda, followed by relaxing in the heated pool.

Night time we shall hunt down great restaurants where we will catch up on everyone’s news, which I’m sure will bring about lots of joking and laughter!

4 days of peace for our other halves. *laughing*

I hope you get time alone to spend with your friends? We only do it maybe once or twice a year but it’s worth the wait.

I have scheduled a post while I am away to keep you entertained. haha.

Catch you on the flip side:) xx

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5 responses to “Girly Time!!

  1. Hi Gorgeous enjoy your break..hopefully Melbourne weather will be kind.
    Next time we may even catch up face to face!!!! Hope you win with your flutters and shop till you drop! xxxxx 🙂

  2. I sooooo need to one day plan a trip there! I can visit the both of you *smiles*

    Anyway, you have a simply fabulous time in Melbourne yahhh!

    Win $$$. Or if not, have fun just..having fun.

    Get LOTS of pool time … show some skin … lol…

    And mostly …yes…catch up with your sister and your friends. I just LOVE girls weekends. Yahhhhhhhhh!

  3. I am cheating and sending this in a bit early but…

    WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!

  4. Hi katie!
    Thank you!..Had a really great time!..won nothing!! *laughing*,
    but loved being with my friends.*smiling*
    Friends are priceless! ..especially mine…I love them dearly!!
    That goes for my cyber friends too!! xxxxxx

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