A peek at my beautiful Llamas

These two delight and amuse me. Every weekend I spend time with them and each visit lifts my spirits. Pets really do bring with them a huge amount of love and affection.

I hope you enjoy seeing them. I will share more glimpses of my farm soon.

(Sorry about the wind noise – I will try and fix that in future videos.)


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22 responses to “A peek at my beautiful Llamas

  1. wow they are so cute and awesome, I dunno why you feel tensed if you can hug them when you want 🙂 hug them tight and kiss them softly for me 🙂

    • Thanks Nafees!..I adore them!!
      Since getting them I’ve dropped most of my medication.. because they’ve made me feel sooo happy!
      I’m away this weekend in Melbourne..but when I return I shall kiss him for you! Glad you liked them.x

      • Nafees

        welcome 🙂 yeah animals are great source to decrease depression and tension. You seem so happy and glade with them. You seem like their mom especially white neck is your favorite 🙂 have an awesome time in Melbourne and then have an awesome journey to sweet babies 🙂

  2. OMG…. that was just tooooooo cool!!! (Not just because you said hi to me and mumsy lol…but that was super cool too!!!)

    I like when they bend their head down …its just their necks that move..that is so interesting. That and they look so warm, even in the wind.

    And might I add, you looked extremely happy too … and I just loved, loved, loved listening to you gab .. and laugh. You have a most wonderful laugh.


    • sakuraandme

      I’m sooo happy you loved them!!!!

      The footage I have of the rest of the animals..was upside down!
      My brother fixed this one..*Yes*..Go brother!!
      Next time I’ll make sure we hold the iphone sideways to video!

  3. And how many acres did you say? 116??? WOW! So what happens whem the other one (what was her name? I know Teco was the boy)…what happens if she jumps the fence? How do you get her back? And what was that that you were feeding them? I did not catch it…it looked like some type of grain.

    That really was totally fun to watch. (I watched it twice now …. so far lol)

    • sakuraandme

      Yes..116 acres. We don’t have a side boundary fence.. that’s why I’m worried if she got out.

      If I walk him in the paddock…she follows behind us!!
      Her names Margie (Margeurite)
      Not knowing for sure if she’s pregnant..I don’t want to stress her in case she looses her baby!!
      After she was mated..they put her back with the male to see!
      She spat off at him..which is usually a sign she’s pregnant.*fingers crossed*

      She’s had 1 baby years ago before I got her…that baby was sold off..
      So, she has been with a male twice.. just for mating.
      Teco has been fixed up..so she likes him!! *laughing*xxxxxx

      P.S. I forgot to tell you it’s a combo of Alpaca Mix and Lucerne Chaff. They have it a few times a week along with Oaten Hay.

  4. WOW there you are …I see you… I saw you….lol…and yes Katiekins what a wonderful laugh and oh oh you said hello to both of us how cooooool are you!!! I’m excited….ok slow down mumsy lol (lol katiekins that is a cute nickname for me btw) Can’t wait for the sheep and geese! You looked fantastic 🙂 as did the Llamas (thought I best mention them) Keep on CHOOKEN gorgeous! xxxxxxxx

    • Lol I just re-read your last reply and forgot to add….imagine if we spat at our other halves because we were pregnant??? How hilarious is that 🙂

      • sakuraandme

        I can’t stop laughing!!! xxxxxx

      • omg … the spatting would have come AFTER the child was born….when we wake…to feed…and see him sleeping soundly as you take care of baby.

        Oh … I am tired honey. Can you rock baby for a bit.?

        Repeat next 3 or 4 night feedings.
        Repeat next day
        Repeat all week


        hahaha…I am joking…that should not happen!!!

    • I can’t wait to show you the sheep and geese! *smiling*
      Your nickname from Katie is sooo cute!!
      Chooken!!…that so cool!! *kiss kiss* xxx

  5. Ok…so don’t we now need a nickname for you?

    We have katiekins and mumsy.


  6. Hmm let’s think Katiekins…any suggestions? Yes Paula you should be 🙂 xxx (puts thinking cap on… Palama? **Laughing** xxxxx

  7. OK Palama it shall be 🙂 **dances the gangnam” woot woot xx

  8. I came to watch it again. Nice. 🙂

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