OMG! I have had sooo many of these since taking meds and stopping meds.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t always blame Seroquel for everything! *smiles*

I totally suck when it comes to drinking water!.. My poor body is probably soooo dehydrated. Drinking 1 glass a day is a huuuge effort for me. So with the warmer weather now upon us… I’m going to make drinking water one of my priorities!

Along with ramblingsfromamum‘s affirmation she gave me:

Hello, Brand New Day – I Am In Control & You Will NOT Beat Me!!!!

Maybe throwing a slice of lemon in the water might help?

I’m off to see my Llamas… Have a great weekend everyone!!

Paula x

p.s. I had some technical issues with the video I planned to post… I will take more footage this weekend and try again when I come back.


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16 responses to “Headaches

  1. try to use natural ways to avoid tension and depression etc. I recommend you to swim and run as much as you can 🙂 you’ll be awesome and hot then 😉

    • sakuraandme

      I can’t stop laughing!!
      Thank you Nafees!..Spring is in the air! *smiles*..swimming is definitely on the cards..Running, not so sure! *laughing*

      As for being hot!.. God if only I could turn the clock back:)

  2. Hi Gorgeous. Water and I are mortal enemies, unless I put Saline (Salvita) cordial or a drop of juice in!! Glad I’m not the only one who suffers from eww do I really have to drink it straight??? Hope you are standing tall with arms stretched wide, looking up to the sky when you shout that affirmation!!
    Hope you enjoy your Llamas & have a great weekend 🙂 xxx

    • sakuraandme

      Thank you!
      I had a great time and made a point of drinking 1 bottle of water a day. *smiles*

      I’m saying that affirmation everyday!!! xxxxxxx

      • ramblingsfromamum

        Excellent darling…well done and a woot woot for you!!
        It pleases me you are saying the affirmation **lots of hugs to you** xxxx

  3. Are you just not drinking water or are you not drinking much of anything?

  4. HUUGGGGSSS to your llama….and of course, to YOU!!!!

    Water (eep…do not hit me…I love water. lol)

    Other things to put in it to make it tastier – cucumber slices. Blackberries or strawberries. Lemon wedge (but everyone knows that one).

    And here is also a welcome back from your weekend trip *smiles*

    • sakuraandme

      Hi Katie!

      I’m going to buy strawberries and blackberries tomorrow and give it a go!!!

      Hope you had a great weekend! xxxx

  5. Im the same with drinking. I drink 2 – 3 cups of tea a day and was suffering from different dehydration symptom on and off. I dont mind drinking water, Im just never thirsty so I dont drink. I dont drink much else other than tea and water, Im just never thirsty. Weird. Kat 🙂

  6. I just forget to drink water! *it tastes yuk* Lol
    Wish I had the same problem with alcohol!!! *laughing*

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