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Logo for the reader appreciation awardsunshine-award If there is one thing that can drag a person out of their shell then the world of internet blogs is it. Now this may sound a little ridiculous, given that I am writing highly personal impressions, thoughts and experiences on a public blog – but anyone who has taken the time to read my posts would know that there are times when I find it incredibly difficult to “leave the cave”. Starting the blog has been very much a challenge, sometimes easier than others but never actually easy. However, this is one time that I can truly say, “it’s easy”. It is easy because of the huge support and optimism and expressions of caring that you, the blog reader, have provided to me. So when a two people recommended me for the Reader Appreciation award, let’s just say, the emotions bubbled over. Here is my go at being worthy of the award nomination. My apologies if I  don’t get it exactly right – but feel free to comment so I can change things to be correct.

Firstly, a very big THANK YOU! to Jenny at ramblingsofamum and Karen at slightlymanicmummyfor nominating me for the Reader Appreciation Award and the Sunshine Award. Both Jenny and Karen have been very supportive of my blogging efforts, and i am so very much indebted to them. If you haven’t already done so, please spend an enjoyable time looking through their writings and insights. Here are the rules for the awards… The rules for receiving these awards are as follows.

  1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award/s.
  2. Answer 10 questions.
  3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
  4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated.
  5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

And then there is the awkward task of answering 10 questions. OK. Here goes…

Your favourite colour? :

Pink. It makes me happy. Simple as that.

Your favourite animal? :

Cats. Specifically my cat – Sakura. She is my favourite person as well.

Your favourite non-alcoholic drink? :

Is there a non-alcoholic drink? Looking through my pantry, there are bags of tea, and those cool capsules for the Nespresso coffee machine. Given the rarity of my making coffee, I’d have to say my favourite is tea.

Facebook or Twitter? :

What is Twitter? I am a complete novice on this but one day I would like to take the Twitter journey.

Your favourite pattern? :

Floral. And probably a pink one at that.

Do you prefer getting or giving presents? :


Your favourite number? :

5. It’s just the easiest. I’m so indecisive that anything other than the more obvious middle is just too hard.

Your favourite day of the week? :

It has to be Friday.

Your favourite flower?:


Pink Azalea Flower

How could anyone not love this flower? (photo is linked to source)

What is your passion? :

Do I have to have one? Actually, one of my character flaws is an obsessive tendency… so my passion today can be completely different to my passion tomorrow. If i had to nominate just one then I guess it would be collecting clowns. Lots of people don’t like clowns and many people tell me that find clowns scary – but I don’t. I LOVE clowns, and add to my collection quite often.

ok. That’s my 10 questions answered… And now to nominate blogs that i enjoy. Even though i am quite new to this blog experience, there are already a number of blogs that immediately come to mind for nomination. As you would expect, there is a different reason for liking each one, and often more than one reason. They make me happy or make me think or just make me feel – and a blog that leaves me with feelings even after moving on to read other things, is a very great blog indeed in my mind. There are more again that i enjoy but rules are rules, so i will stick to the nominated number. Please just remember that no list can ever fully cover all of the things that you like or love, and there are others again that i find very enjoyable, and that help me through my days. Lovely bloggers I nominate:

1. Irish Katie

2. Despair and Angst

3. Stillthinking

4. Meg’s Egg

5. Between Fear and Love

6. Heaven 4 Earth

7. Forcing Myself Happy

8. One Thousand Single Days

9. 400 Days ’til 40

10. Treating Mood Disorders

These blogs move and inspire me and make me feel a little less lonesome in this big crazy adventure we call life. It’s so hard to choose only 10 when there are so many blogs out there that I love and follow here in this supportive space online.

Love Paula



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6 responses to “Reader Appreciation

  1. Pssst ramblingsfromamum. Apart from that yes yes all good and wonderful and you did it so quickly!! I took days (body shudders at the process) YOU DESERVE IT we luvs ya xx

  2. Yeahhhh youuuu…and congratulations for 2 of them. I know I appreciate your writings nod nods. And I am soooooo happy you got that Sunshine award!! Wooo. (And I think it is grand that ramblingsfromamum and slightlymanicmummy nominated you … kudos to them for recognizing you!)

    And thank you for the nomination too! *HUUUGGSS*

    Ok ..I am off to work now…so cannot write much now … but watch for an email from me! (I love exclamation marks..I need to cut down!!!!)

  3. Congrats on your two well deserved awards! Kat 🙂

  4. Thanks Kat!
    I really enjoy reading your blog as well! xx

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