Happy People

The best thing we can do for ourselves when we are down is to gravitate towards Happy People. 

Now I realise that when you’re down, Happy People can actually be really annoying! You’re not feeling happy, so why have someone bubbly around?

My personal experience with this has shown me that 9 out  of 10 times these happy people let off positive/happy/healthy endorphins. You can’t help but laugh with them, or smile back at them.

What we read and watch also impacts on how we feel. Stay Happy and Healthy by only reading and watching THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY!

When my mood is low… I now make a point of going to the blog sites that make me laugh or smile.

There’s one in particular that makes me crack up!!! It is incredibly politically incorrect and that’s what makes me love it even more… If you take life seriously then you would detest it…. I don’t want to take life too seriously any more, I want to laugh and joke around like I once did:)

I refuse to let Depression define me as a person.. I’m not “oh, that’s Paula, she’s Bi-Polar and suffers with Depression and tried to commit suicide”. No.
I am “Paula, who at times speaks without thinking, and asks people private things that maybe one shouldn’t. Is overly happy at times and other days distant. But she Loves her family, friends, grandchildren, and pets and tries her hardest to not let life beat her”. I love most people and I don’t won’t to be referred to as the first Paula. Why would I?

Happiness is what we are all striving for.

I search for the perfect cupcake. I talk to my son and grandchildren. I shop (a lot) – retail therapy is amazing! But only what you can afford.:) I want to be near happy people, because I want what they’re having:) They’re just high on life, how cool is that…

Find what makes you smile and stick with it. Don’t let yourself get that low that there’s no reasoning with you. Being negative is easy, so challenge yourself to be Happy:)

Baby steps..

My Llamas make me feel so relaxed and happy when I’m around them. I’ll take some footage of them on the weekend and post it. Hopefully they will make you smile too:)

Laughter is better than any medication we can take:)

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16 responses to “Happy People

  1. yeah I do agree with your laughter theory 😀

  2. You are SUPER AWESOME. Do you even know how this blog made me smile? I love that you can find incredible positiveness in things….yah!!!

    And by the way, I was going to do a blog about friends and friendship…and was soooooooooooooooo going to use that picture because I saw it online and just thought…oh yeah ….this works …. this is us…you, me, mumsy …and all the ones we are making friends with here *smiles*

    I too have been trying to not look at the darker things…I fail at times…but that is NOT me either. And I have been trying to look at all good things…to work on making happy memories…and this helps!

    *huggers to you*

    • Yes!!! …Someone smiled…mission accomplished!!
      On a more serious note….you are one of the people that make me smile and laugh…Bipolar or any mental illness for that matter can be very depressing for those that live with us.

      If we are smiling… So are they!

      Thankyou for being just you!!! Your a really special lady.*huggs*

      • Hugs you ….

        I have to admit, I know very little about bi-polar illness (except for what you see on the tele .. and I have to believe they only show you what makes for good tele drama!)

        And thank you for the nice words *smiles*

      • I could give you the txt book answer…But I won’t! *smiles*

        You could google it and think… Okay I get it!… But thats not true!..
        Even though we are the same we experience things differently.
        I’ve written a post about what happens to me when I veer off the tracks, so to speak!

        I have to remember that my blog is about Depression etc…
        Sometimes it will be confronting…how will others understand what people suffer if I don’t show all sides?..

        I’ll post it soon…As for Drama…God!!…I think people with bipolar (as myself) thrive on Drama!!!…Lol xx

      • Hmm…ok…I went though a bunch of you past posts…let me take a look again and read more *S*…

      • Fine!…But don’t blame me if you start feeling Depressed!!!
        *laughing*…No seriously if I don’t laugh I would cry! xxxxx

  3. I’m just smiling watching all of you smile 🙂 Hats off to you Paula (Yay I know your name now) lol Keep speaking the truth and challenging that evil demon depression ..like the photo jump and down…happiness is contagious! 🙂 xx

  4. Thankyou so much for your support!…Its weird to say but I fight it everyday!
    People like yourself have helped me more than you realise!!
    You will never really know… how truly greatful I am:) xxxxxxx

  5. Totally agree! As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. 🙂

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