Me Time

My husband left last Saturday for Phuket. A boys only golf trip.

The winner gets a Trophy and gets to wear the Winning Blazer thingy. Also, the winner gets to choose the destination for the next year’s trip. The guys love it and they get to do all that male bonding stuff. I’m sure it’s along the lines of a what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! type of thing:)

I met my husband when I was 30 and he was 51. We actually got married in Vegas. Boy do I love Vegas!

Anyway the age thing didn’t really seem that great , but as we’ve both got older it  now sounds it:) When he would go away, I would be sooo jealous that I would stomp around the house and be very short with him days before he would leave on his business trip. Jealousy is a curse and if you let it, it can tear your mind apart. The gift I get with each birthday isn’t about presents, but about the fact that I become more and more tolerant and calmer each year.

Now I look forward to the Me Time as much as he looks forward to his time. Everyone needs personal space even its just for a couple of hours. Especially if you’re a fulltime carer or something like that to someone demanding. You definitely need time out.

Sometimes I can be full on and my mind goes 100 miles an hour and I expect everyone around me to keep up. Kind of like, So, you’ve finished your coffee? Whats next… Let’s just relax?… Relax… What for?… Because, because why? When I get like that  I find things to amuse myself, so I don’t drive everyone crazy. Yes there are days when no matter what someone says, you don’t want to leave the safety of your home…your little nest:) That’s when you have to be kind to yourself and not make a mountain over a mole hill:) It’s just another negative day and tomorrows another day. Hopefully a better one!

So what have I been doing whilst he’s been gone? Yes!!!!! Not cooking, much to my 20 year old’s distaste. (lol)
So tonight I’m taking him to the casino for dinner. Not sure if that for his benefit or mine? Probably mine! 🙂

Had a beautiful night out with my sister and spent the next day just hanging out. Her partner is part of the boy crew:)

Not been to bed until 3.30-4am every night. Whoops! I mean day:)  I feel like a naughty child, as if I’m going to be sent to bed if I get caught!

I’m currently watching the Tudor Series. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the part of Henry brilliantly… and God is he handsome!

Tomorrow I’m going to our country property to see my grandsons and hug my Llama Teco. Margie still won’t let me touch her… We have this understanding where we show our love through eye contact. lol. I am looking forward to starting a new book as well: An Affair Before Christmas, by Eloisa James.

As for the coming weekend had a great offer to go to a strip club with a  single girlfriend and some of her gym friends… But.. No thanks! at 44 if some gorgeous hunky (more than likely gay) guy touches me, I’d probably pass

I hope you get some me time:)


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17 responses to “Me Time

  1. Nods….what is weird is…I have every other week without my daughter….but I still find I need “ME” time as well. One would think I get enough of that!

    And oh …when I get the urge to do do do ….stay outta my way. I can be like how you describe. I have to plan for relaxing. I have to have it on my to do list. In a spreadsheet. Colour coded. With the words “mandatory down time … start now, you only have 15 minutes…times a wasting … c’mon…its relaxing time.”

    As for your Jonathan Rhys Meyers character … I had to google him as I did not know who he was. And ..*points* craddle robber!!! LOL…just kidding *giggles*

  2. I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!!!.
    Marrying someone 21 years my senior…I never thought of myself as a craddle robber!…I’m still laughing!…I still say he’s gorgeous!!!!!

    Children can be exhausting no matter how old they are!….You can never have enough ME TIME:)

    I only have 2 speeds…Fast and slow… I haven’t mastered the middle ground.
    Why can’t people just keep up with us? Lol xxx

    • LOL….well …I guess if you add up the age of your husband and Jonathan Rhys Meyer … then divide by 2….you’d come out just near your age…so it all works out in the end lol. (And btw, I have made eye candy remarks about a certain cello player I have been listening to on youtube…and he is 16 yrs younger than me … so I should shut on that subject!)

      People keep up with us? Hell, I cannot even keep up with myself lol.

  3. I get “me time” every Saturday til 4pm. I love it! On his Sunday off I sometimes suggest he go for a ride on his motorbike to see his bff since 4 y.o. and go for a ride together. He gets boy time and I get more me time. Kat 🙂

    • How cool to have a friend since he was 4!..
      I can only image the bond they share!…I’m Jealous!…
      and I’m glad you embrass the free time!.

      Do you think absence makes the heart grow fonder?…I do!
      Otherwise we would suffocate each other. Lol x

  4. Hi there! I’ve nominated you for an award! Youve really helped me, and your blog inspires me. Thank you, Love Karen x

  5. I’m spending some of my day just catching up on blogs. Yes another not so beautiful day in Melbourne today..what’s new. I relate to this :- Sometimes I can be full on and my mind goes 100 miles an hour and I expect everyone around me to keep up. Kind of like, So, you’ve finished your coffee? Whats next… Let’s just relax?… Relax… What for?… Because, because why?
    I am similar my mind races & I’m always told just sit down and relax..I do that but in 5 minutes I’m up again I have always ben that way, I have no middle ground either unless I’m writing or sleeping! Age is not a barrier my previous relationship was 16 yrs younger than I! I agree *nods* with the time alone thing too. My man & I have time out each night – he watches TV top end of house, I write or watch at the bottom half 🙂 As for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, we are at Season 3 on Tudors (last night watched 5 episodes) I Love it..small world finding out how many things we actually do have in common isn’t it 🙂 xxxx

  6. Just finished the final season. OMG!! I loved it!…We do have things in common…and thats cool! *smiles*
    Sooo funny!… my husband watches t.v in bed because he gets sick of waiting to see when I’m coming to bed.Lol…Somedays even Seroquel won’t bring me down!! *laughing* xxx

  7. me time is a must thing, Nice 🙂 xx

  8. It’s my turn to get some girlfriend time on the 18th!! Wooohooo!!
    *laughing*…My sister and 3 of our friends are off to Melbourne for a few days…Look out crown here we come! (crown is the casino)..xx

  9. Pity we can’t meet half way …with my aversion to driving in the city lol
    Have a WONDERFUL time luvey. Now off to watch some more of Henry Cavill and Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!!!!

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