Decreasing medication

Okay it may not seem the smart thing to do, but each person to their own!

I’m in a good place mentally and I feel now is the time to give it a go…

You see my weight gain has been driving me crazy, and I know I’m not alone out there! So, what to do? Yes I go up and yes I go down… even whilst taking medication. Does it make bi-polar symptoms less intense?  Sure! But at what cost?


Being mentally healthy is at the forefront of all my decisions, for myself and for my family. But then, I have been through a great deal in my life  without being medicated, and somehow always made it through.

So, over a 2 week period, I weened myself off the Lithium. My psychiatrist appointment is in 2 weeks, so I shall inform him then. He’s actually very good and isn’t one of these doctors that lectures you about staying on your meds forever and ever…. Staying mentally healthy isn’t just about medication!

If I feel I’m getting too high or too low and can’t control it, then I’ll re-think the Lithium.

Now, Seroquel:

Seroquel is a great med for me. Yes, it has its disadvantages but unfortunately I need a least one med to keep me balanced. BUT it’s time  Seroquel  takes a little backseat as well. I have now decreased it to 200mg at night. Not much at all.

How am I feeling? Not brilliant but not bad… My bloating is going down and my weight is no longer increasing. In 2 weeks I’ve gone from 60 kilos to 58 kilos. Who Cares? I do! Does it make me feel mentally happier? Hell Yes!

What some doctors and heath professionals seem to forget is that whilst all the meds are there to keep you mentally healthy, they underestimate the mental stress that weight gain causes. It plays Hell with your mind.

Looking our best is a major part of how we feel about ourselves. That’s not vanity, it’s pride.

So I wait and monitor myself. Eat well, stay focused, stay positive, go for walks, and don’t beat myself up about everything… Not everyday is going to be a happy day. Life’s full of ups and downs, even for the mentally healthy. Don’t let anxiety rear its ugly head. Breathe…

Don’t take life too seriously and stay happy and healthy. (Healthy body… healthy mind.)

I’ve decreased my meds before and have been successful. My older post on medication will show you how many meds I once took.

I shall be Victorious!!!!!!

Sorry I couldn’t help myself I’ve just finished watching the 1st and 2nd season of Spartacus… If you love blood and gore you will love this series. Sorry, not that into girly movies:)


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9 responses to “Decreasing medication

  1. Much luck to you. Seroquel gave my husband diabetes, so he had to go off of it. It’s been rough going. His mood swings are way worse since he stopped taking it. It helped him sleep and stabilized his moods somewhat. Hopefully the doc will come up with an alternative soon. He tried depakote, but that made him sick to his stomach.

  2. Thanks, my fingers are crossed. I’m seeing beauty again which is a huge sign that its time to decrease…(side note)… My heart is aching for what you and your husband are going through. Bi-Polar is not an easy thing to live with…for us, or our loved ones. If you had seen me even 1 year ago I really didn’t think i could fight anymore. Living was painful. My will to live was lost, finding it didn’t come easily. There was no light only darkness. Never give up fighting for someone you love. Stay strong x

  3. Going off medications have always given me trouble. . . BUT I hate Lithium. It’s almost worst that the disease. Ok, that said, I will be watching and hoping that everything goes well for you. I like Depakote, but I am a guy and am willing to deal with the extra 30 lbs, and constant lethargy. Make sure you watch for red flags!!! Keep us informed.

  4. “So I wait and monitor myself. Eat well, stay focused, stay positive, go for walks, and don’t beat myself up about everything… Not everyday is going to be a happy day. Life’s full of ups and downs, even for the mentally healthy. Don’t let anxiety rear its ugly head. Breathe…”

    I am 21. Diagnosed with Bipolar and ADHD. I totally understand, and the medication changes are awful, and a pain. however, your quote is what I often forget and that’s when I run into trouble. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

    • We beat our selves up about everything! and we shouldn’t! Huge hug to you Domenia. My son is 28 and has ADHD and I’m sure he’s Bipolar too. He tried medication but couldn’t do it. Psychologically he struggled with the stigma. He knows when things are getting to him and his mood changes. I’ve watched him for years and admire his strength and coping strategies. The moment he feels he’s slipping! straight away he occupies himself to keep busy. He has a MAN shed! *laughing* his poor wife is a shed widow, but she knows it works and makes him happy again!
      It’s finding what makes you happy and distracted. I search for cupcakes, *weird I know* but it works! ….Enjoy your weekend! xxxxx

      • I struggle with the stigma of medication every day I take my pills. which is a part of why I am in such a funk, and needing to go through a whole medication change. I hate it. One thing I have to admit, is that the meds do work, and I should remember that. I feel as though it shows my weakness and what control I don’t have. It’s hard to understand this disorder!

      • You are definitely NOT weak! Even though i decrease my medication, I would never encourage anyone to go against what they have been prescribed! I too felt it was a weakness:( But I was wrong! I think people with Bipolar are very loving understanding individuals. We are open to all people, mainly because we know what it feels like to be different! We are crazy,funny,sad, excitable little creatures! …..xxxxx

      • Thanks for your encouragement. 🙂

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