I posted Decreasing Medication by accident… It’s still a work in progress, so (as you may have noticed if you tried to click on the link) I have taken it down for now.
Stick around though, it will magically reappear soon.
Thank you for hanging ’round and listening to me! I appreciate your support. Please feel free to comment whenever you feel the urge to.

Kind Regards,




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6 responses to “oops!

  1. Ohhhh…I have done a couple Opps too! You were better because you explained it. Me … I just deleted as fast as I could hoping someone did not see the “oops” lol.

    Did I give you a hug in that other blog? I mean, I know I did … but I will pretend I did not….so I can give you another here.


  2. I scribble so to speak…then check it later…Whoops! hit publish instead of save draft. I went into panic mode then had to laugh at myself.
    Thanks for the cyber hug. I’m glad I’m not the only one to have done that. Lol xxxxxx

    • I hate when I hit the publish button and take a look at a post I mean to post .. and it is filled with typos or total nonsense or grammar errors. And as I am editing and update it, and then see someone already looked at it, I think to myself … I must sound more idiotic than I already do! lol

  3. Sooo true! I will write with more care in the future…Just incase it happens again.Lol xxx

  4. You two are hysterically funny 🙂 Can I join the list huh huh pretty please I do exactly the same…The hands are quicker than the brain..or the other way round?? Anywho I stand in the docks also pleading guilty to “oops”. xx

  5. Your on the list!!…Tell them Paula invited you.Lol xxx

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