Breathing Through Anxiety

Okay yesterday was a bad day!

It was my husband’s birthday and we were going out to dinner, so I had to pull myself together. One of the things I’m still  learning at 44 is that you have no control over someone elses behaviour. (Damn it:).

We were at the casino, so we decided to go in and gamble.

Bingo, instantly I felt better. I love playing poker machines. One thing about being Bi-Polar is that you can have a tendency, at times, to spend large amounts of money unnecessarily. But when it comes to gambling I only ever spend what we can afford to lose. Thank god!

My mum taught me years ago that slowly breathing in and out is a great way to help calm my anxiety. So, you breathe in through your nose, with your mouth shut, and hold it for a few seconds (watch your chest rise)… Then slowly breathe out through your mouth. If you don’t already do this  you will be amazed how it works! Repeat this until you feel yourself calming. But not until you pass out!

Now I do realise that when anxiety gets a hold on you, it’s not always an easy thing to do.

This may sound a little peculiar but if you have a pet, go cuddle into her/him and slowly start to do the breathing exercise. Cuddling something you love helps a lot. (Pet or person). The reason I say a pet and not your other half is purely because they may not be around. Animals have an amazing soothing effect on us.

Life is not perfect and it’s filled with ups and downs, I just have to remember to stay positive.

Kind of let that one slip my mind, again!


I should have eaten a cupcake!



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4 responses to “Breathing Through Anxiety

  1. First I would like to point out one very important thing that you got incorrect about this …

    Choooooocccooooolate. It should be a chocolate cupcake lol. (just kidding *smiles*)

    Seriously however … I agree with both your breathing exercise tip … and the pet therapy tip as well.

    (And sends a happy belated sorry you don’t know me but saying happy bday to your husband anyway side note!)

  2. You make me laugh 🙂 and thats a great thing.
    Your right,chocolate is way better!
    Weird but when distressed pink calms me:) …and a thankyou from my husband

  3. I hear you about the pokie machines 😦 Reading about the breathing and breathing as you described …don’t really know why not anxious, just trying It does work..that and the cup of tea I’m gulping. Wish I had a pup to cuddle again (our girl had to go to sleep 5 years ago) I can’t bare the prospect of going through that again. I mind dogs in my home as a 2nd small job. That way I get to have them for a weekend – a week- or a month & give them looooots of cuddles. Keep breathing luvey – you are doing a great job. xx

  4. True!..I would be lost without Sakura!!…when she dies *sad face*
    I don’t think I could get another cat!!..Way toooo sad!! xx

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