Daisy & Piggy – Life in the Country


Daisy is my daughter-in-law’s pet sheep.  I have posted photos of her when she was younger.

She is sooo adorable, she honestly has no idea she’s a sheep. Daisy is 1 of 3 other sheep my daughter-in-law has raised (bottle fed). There’s Bushy, Crossy and of course the latest member Piggy. She was found in the pig shed. When she was reunited with her mum she couldn’t smell her, so she rejected her.

My son works on a 6,000 acre farm. They have 5,000 sheep, 3,000 pigs, crops of canola, lupins, barley, wheat and oat. They don’t have the time or resources to look after orphaned sheep. So sad isn’t it? but that’s farming and life goes on.

So if she didn’t take her in she more than likely would have died. Not a great name for a girl but fitting at the same time. Don’t know if you have seen how disgusting a sheep looks covered in pig poo? Not nice and very stinky!

Well, you will be happy to know that she’s had a bath and looks absolutely adorable 🙂

This is Daisy now. She just had a bath and hugged into my daughter-in-law for a cuddle, then fell asleep. She’s huge, but still wants her mum’s cuddles.

By the way, these are all pet sheep and therefore not for consumption 🙂

There’s no time for Depression when something so gorgeous hugs into you.



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2 responses to “Daisy & Piggy – Life in the Country

  1. I like how piggy is snuffling the pillow sheep *smiles*

    And at least your named her piggy …and not stinky or pig poo!

  2. That’s pretty funny:)
    You pick her up…. she snuggles in….and falls asleep in your arms just like a baby.

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