DEPRESSION EXISTS  for all sorts of reasons.

When you have been clinically diagnosed with Depression, it can be difficult to actually explain the diagnosis to people.

To many it may seem that you’re just unhappy or sad and will get better soon.

You know – “You’ll get over it!  Just take a pill and you will be fine”.

Then somehow everything will magically go back to normal. At least, something along those lines.

I wish it were that simple.

Sometimes I think we do take too many pills. They play with our minds and we react to situations differently whilst taking them. Sometimes in a good way, and other times, not so good!

Of course sometimes your Depression can be a bi product of something else, like for me it’s my Bi-Polar condition. Oh yes! and let’s not forget those dreaded inherited genes either. That’s a real bummer when you have been gifted with those too. Thank you dad’s side of the family 🙂

Sadness can be a strange thing. For example:  I can be in a room full of people and feel incredibly alone, yet no one will notice because I’m smiling all the time. Sometimes you don’t even know why you’re sad or distant or whatever – you just are! When you’re depressed the problem is you get very little done, if anything at all! Well that’s what happens to me. I’m not sure about you?

Since reading that suicide article you know I’m now looking to write my posts in a more positive light.

So I’ve told myself to try to find the positives in everyday life. Now, if I can actually do this, I know it will help the down days. The problem for me is I can get too high, which can be just as bad.

I believe there are a great deal of beautiful things in this world, and to hone in on the negative things pisses me off. It really does.

One day I hope I wake and a good fairy has taken all the pain of my past away. Imagine that! Then everything I see will be as beautiful as it was always meant to be.

I will endeavour to do my best 🙂


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4 responses to “DEPRESSION EXISTS

  1. I have mentioned before…it feels awkward for me to hit “Like” when I am reading a subject that is not “happy” … but I know in reality when I hit the “Like” button it is me showing support. So I hit the button just now.

    Still…the ending of your blog was positive …so that is a good thing yah!.

    I want to add some things to what you have said … but I have not gone though your past blogs…. this is the first of yours I have stumbled across.

    I hope your tomorrow gets a little better each day.

    • Hi there irishkatie:) I agree its hard to say you like something, thats referring to A negative subject.
      Your right It does show support. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. I love your Mirror Mirror Post:)

      • Sakura ….your name here…it confused me for a bit. It is Japanese yes? Meaning?

        And thank you … about the Mirror post. This is the first time I have not responded to comments on a post of mine …I don’t like reading it. It…I don’t like it.

        Anyway ….the name you use…and the photo you show koala)…now I am curious.

  2. Sakura… is my cat’s name:)
    Your right..It’s Japanese meaning Cherry blossom.
    I adore my cat…and the Koala.. It really just represents the fact that I’m Australian:) Thanks for dropping by. x

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