Depression Exists

Depression Exists WHY?

Trying to fight off all the demons that exists in our minds can be exhausting. Staying Happy and Positive can also become exhausting. So, what’s the answer? Actually, if I knew I wouldn’t be in the predicament I’m in now.

What I have learned through writing this blog is that the past isn’t always the past. Meaning, writing about my past experiences drags up old wounds and makes it all seem very real all over again!

The up days are incredible and they can last for days, or even weeks. Annoyingly the down days are so crippling that it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Bi-Polar is a strange thing to live with. Even harder for those that live with us. My brother sent me this link to an article  about suicide which I found really interesting. I recommend that you read it.

After reading the article I’m sort of trying to re-think the way I write my blog.

So the Why to Depression existing for me was to let you the reader understand certain things in my life that led me to suffer with Depression. Thinking telling the truth about my life would set me free and would help other people suffering similar illnesses.

Now I’m not so sure?

Last thing I want to do is encourage someone to be a copycat. My blog is confronting and filled with pain, because that was – and sometimes still is – my reality. But to think someone feeling vulnerable could read my blog and possibly want to commit suicide as a result of that, makes me feel sick.

I want to help people, not be the cause of someone ending their life.

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4 responses to “Depression Exists

  1. Don’t you EVER feel that what you write would cause ANYONE to end their life!!!! You write with enthusiasm for life whilst suffering Bi-Polar/Depression.
    You are telling your experiences as they are – bold, confronting, raw. You are letting all those who don’t know about these conditions and how it affects you and how you have to battle each day to stay on top. Do not think for one minute that by telling your tale that you are ‘promoting’ anything different. **Shakes index finger at you with stern face** xxx

  2. I used to think …writing about things…reading things…helps me. Now …now I do not know. I am trying a different tact …to see and read happier things.

    However, saying that … I think all people react differently.

    You have to first … write for you …which you do. And also, your writing is your attempt to help you …and others….it is not of the hopeless nature. You write some stark truths …and I admit, at times it saddens me some thing awful …but you also give me hope. I read your blogs in search of hope.

    You have become a friend of mine Paula … I do not want to see you go down the rabbit hole any more than you need ….so I read … and comment…in support …in support of the both of us.

  3. Thanks Katikins!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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