Anxiety – Why Am I Anxious?

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety. It goes hand-in-hand with depression, yet anxiety is not quite as easy to explain or to talk about or even to think about. This post is me trying to put my anxiety out there, sharing my anxiety with you (whoever you are) and trying very hard not to be anxious about whether you are likely to be interested or whether you care of what you will think of me after reading it.

Anxiety – why am i anxious?

Why am I anxious? Think of the last time you were anxious. Maybe for you it’s a rare experience. Something that comes up every now and then when you are placed in an unusually difficult or complex situation. For me, anxiety is so, so much more than that. You may think about the future – I fret about the future. You may think about the difficulty in sorting out directions to an inner city appointment – I worry and fret and become so anxious that I often simply cannot go.

I’m not just worried, I am anxious – and that is a multitude of horror worse than simple worry. It’s worse than fretting and it’s worse than the strongest concern. For me, anxiety can be a completely debilitating condition. It stops me from making it to catch-ups with friends. It even stops me from seeing my doctor – who is treating me for depression!

Why am I anxious? What makes me anxious?

Everything. And anything. And often – nothing.

I may be anxious but I am not stupid. I can KNOW that the things which make me anxious are not as important as my anxiety would suggest. But knowing is a very different kettle of fish from being able to act on that knowledge. Anxiety is something that I still have not worked out a successful management plan for. There is no “3-step plan” than works for me. Not yet anyway. Maybe there will be one day. If you know of one that works for you – please share it. I’m open to suggestions

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2 responses to “Anxiety – Why Am I Anxious?

  1. Firstly the photo you chose is brilliant. We can have our mini moments of anxiety. For us standard panic merchants yes if I have to drive into the city of Melbourne I freak out, I hate driving in there – those stupid turns on the red light etc etc. I get worked up but then I can breathe my way through it or go the ‘long way around’. For you, your medication I guess helps you to ‘take the long way round?’ If you get what I’m trying to say? Sometimes words do fail me…but then I use the Thesaurus! xx

    • Lol!! Words fail me everyday!!!

      I’m off to Melbourne with friends in 2 weeks…yes!!! (crown)

      Driving in Melbourne? …No thankyou!!!! *smiles*
      That whole tram thing confuses the heck out of me!..


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