Unsung Heroes

Last week I watched the Aussie version of X-Factor. These male twins came on and told their story (as they do) as to what’s what in their lives. They were pretty good-looking and were comparing who had the biggest muscles. I thought, here we go, a couple of guys up themselves. Probably can’t sing, just looking for 2 minutes of fame.

Well, I was wrong!

As a mother watching them you couldn’t help but admire their courage and love they showed towards their own mum.

They told how their mum had never recovered from a breakdown she  had years earlier. Both boys stayed home to care for her. Anyway they sang okay, and the judges said yes to them going forward in the competition.

What really touched me was the comment they made back stage. They were hugging their mum and said they had never seen her cry out of happiness before. They genuinely looked quite stunned, and happy at the same time.

Wow! That made me sit up and think how hard it must be for families caring for people with Depression.

They really are the unsung heroes.

Without our families we would be lost.

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