Depression Exists


Even the sound of that word is dark and gloomy. I suppose if the word was Sun Ray, Sunshine or Rainbow etc etc it wouldn’t have the same effect. Maybe the word was invented to remind us that we were never supposed to feel remotely cheery during our dark days.

Some could argue that it’s not meant to be a cheery name, and maybe that’s true. I suppose personally I just don’t like the word. Because the word  feels, sad, lonely, dark, isolated, anxious, lost, taboo, suicidal etc etc etc…. and we’re more than those words. Those days or weeks are dark enough without a word so gloomy:)

My doctor told me that there would be not one person that hasn’t suffered from some sort of depression or depressive episode in their lives. I thought long and hard about that and wondered  deep down if that could be true. If it was then I think again how terrible is it; that we – meaning those of us that do suffer with Depression – feel so different and alone at the time!

People don’t want to talk about it, which I completely understand.

Before I left the old people’s home two people  told me that they too suffered with depression. You know what?  No way would I have known that if they hadn’t told me. They both said it’s something you don’t talk about. I’m like that myself, so I had to agree. But how many people must there be out there, alone, with no one to support or comfort them? It makes me feel pretty crappy just thinking about it.

We all suffer with Depression for different reasons.  For example:  Death. Divorce. A Relationship Breakdown. Abuse. Rape. Drugs. Genetics. Loneliness. An accident that’s taken away your independence and changed the way you now live.  Or maybe even the job you once loved.

Many Many other reasons! but at the end of the day we are all feeling pretty much the same. Like it’s never going to get any better.

But we all know that there a good days.  And the not so good days. It’s trying  to remember that tomorrows another day – and who knows what it may bring.

Go to bed thinking that tomorrow WILL BE A BETTER DAY!

Start reading a book you’ve been putting off, go for a walk, lay in the sun if it’s shining, call a friend and go for lunch or a coffee. Just don’t be hard on yourself, or lay around feeling sorry for yourself. In the end it will do you no favours. And worst of all don’t isolate yourself. By doing that, your depression will only get worse.

This is strange (I know) but I go and look for the perfect cupcake:) I make a cup of tea and sit down and enjoy every mouthful:) Fattening or not, it makes me feel happy:)

When feeling depressed, i go out to find cupcakes

Make today a great day, BE HAPPY……..

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2 responses to “Depression Exists

  1. Do you know …I love your cupcake blog posts *smiles*

    I have gone through these before …i am answering a lot of them now …and hopes you do not mind. I am working though things again …

    I am not wanting to read sad things … but I find you give me inspiration … because you fight so hard…I do NOT take comfort in the sad ones …but it makes me understand you.

    Then…I come across some blogs…and find … hope….

    Thank you…

  2. I think that’s a good thing? *laughing*
    We all need hope and love in our lives….to help us through the rough patches!!
    When we make it through we take a deep breathe and be ready for round 2!!
    *smiling* xxxxx

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