Well, today has been a strange day with lots of highs and lows going on. Just when I think I’m on top of things, something blindsides me and I come tumbling down.

Today I’ve been put on Lithium. I really didn’t want to take this medication but what choice do I  have; when you can’t control your own moods and thoughts you need to turn to something that can get you back on track.  So I’ll give it a go and see if it stabilises my moods.

We go through life doing our day to day things, but what do you do when those simple mundane things become too much. Brushing your teeth, your hair, getting out of bed, etc etc etc… How do we hold onto the will to live and, quite frankly, why do we bother? I realise it’s  because of our family and friends, and the people around that love us. It all sounds so obvious, yet at the time none of that matters when your moods are everywhere.

When you’re like that, the truth is – you’re not you! You’re this kind of lost soul, spinning around in your own mind.

You can love someone, or many people for that matter, but still feel completely isolated. Not necessarily on the outside but on the inside. Who can hear those thoughts you’re having right now? Not me, not anyone. Only you know what your thinking! So when you’re low no-one actually knows  unless your crying, or you simply tell them that your day has been pretty crappy. Externally we all look quite balanced, happy and healthy, but we must reach out to someone when we know deep down there’s trouble brewing, and we need someone to talk to.

To say what we are really thinking and feeling can be hard. Because when someone asks “how’s your  day’? They’re not really wanting you to say anything other than “oh really good thank you, how are you?”.

It’s kind of like the polite thing to do, and you don’t want to pull others down with you!

SO, okay, what am I really trying to get  at?

Just that we need to seek help when everything around us comes falling down, or appears like it’s falling down. You don’t need to be alone in your own thoughts. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness!

I think it takes great courage to say “Hey, I think I need some help!”

Why do we think that we have to always appear that everything around us is just so perfect.


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2 responses to “Moods

  1. Do you know you are kind of inspiring? No…not kind of….you are….nod nods.

  2. Why thank you Katikins!!! ..taking a bow!! *laughing* xxxxxxxxxx

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