How great to be so happy, with so little


A home falling down

Another home on the river

Well, I’m back!

I had a really great time and feel really relaxed, and my body got some much needed vitamin D:) It was humid, but the warmth was great.

We went on a small powered boat through the river to this amazing temple. Along the way I thought I would take a few pictures (as you do) of the homes. I tried to find something nice to take a photo of, but all I saw was this great amount of poverty. Yet if I spoke to any of those home owners I’m sure they are all very grateful for what that have, and would be proud of what they have achieved. They tell me that the Thai people are a very proud race and are extremely gentle people. Which I would say, after being there that, is true. Someone told me that they are grateful for having a roof over there heads as not everyone does, and there is a great deal more people much worse of than that. Wow I couldn’t get my head around that, all I could see was homes that looked like they were about to collapse into the water, held up by whatever material they could find.

How amazing would it be if we could all feel like that:) we’re all too busy thinking about the things we don’t have, rather than been content with what we do. Goals are a great way of staying focused, but at the same time they can be crushing if they’re not realistic. I can’t say they would be happier than the person that has everything, but I’m sure they don’t waste hours of negative energy wishing they had more. They just get on with trying to feed their families, and keep a roof  over their heads, no matter how bad that roof is.

Now, no-one wants to live like that, and nor do I think we should, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be content with what we do have. Which is a great deal more than them.


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