Llamas Arrived

Margie my beautiful Llama

Margie my beautiful Llama

Wow. I had no idea how I would handle my llamas or if they would take to me.

After spending the last 6 days at our country property with them, they finally decided yesterday that I was no threat and they took food from my hands. Yeah! Sitting in their paddock freezing to death was worth it.

They are such beautiful animals.  Leaving them to come home was terrible, it felt like I was leaving one of my kids behind. My last blog talked about how my cat Sakura gives me such unconditional love, and helps me get out of negative (depressive) moods. Well I  now realise that maybe it’s all animals, because the happiness I felt every day after being with them was amazing.

Instead of dreading each day, I couldn’t wait to get up and spend time with them. I would just sit on this huge tree trunk in their paddock, watching their behaviours and listening to all the different birds chirping away.

It was just incredible. Me, of all people, liking the silence. I could barely believe it was me. I normally hate silence and I’m not one to enjoy my own company. But sitting there, cold breeze blowing on my face, birds chirping  away and  listening to the different sounds the llamas would make was so enjoyable.

We leave every Friday to spend time at the property which I always look forward to, but now I will be looking forward to it even more. Everyone needs a reason to want to get up each day, and I suppose now I’ve found mine. Going on holidays, shopping, out for lunch with your friends etc, sounds so cool doesn’t it? But at the end of the day there has to be more than that, you have to feel that you matter and what you do with your time is worthwhile. I’ve found some kind of an inner peace that I haven’t felt before and it’s really calming.

I really like the feeling and hope it stays with me 🙂


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