my friend sakura fooling around

my friend sakura fooling around

My cat Sakura  (which means Cherry Blossom, in Japanese) is the great love of my life. Who would have thought that a tiny little moggy black and white cat could bring me such joy?

She’s an inside cat, don’t feel sorry for her, as she has a large house to roam about in. She lives like a princess and therefore that’s why it’s her nickname. She started out as my son’s pet, but somehow I ended up being mum to her. I was 34yrs old when we got her, that was  10yrs ago. My interest in animals up until then was nil. But my son pestered and pestered me until I relented and got him Sakura:)

The unconditional love that an animal brings you, is the most honest love, that I think you can get.

When you suffer with Depression or some kind of mental illness, or for that matter even loneliness, it’s incredible how on a down day, your pet picks up on it and showers you with love. If I’m having a bad day and don’t want to get up, she will cuddle into me  just long enough for me to feel loved. Then she will continuously nudge and pester me until I do get up. To this day I still find it incredible how she picks up on my moods.

I can’t even imagine life without her, but I’m not that silly to think she will live forever. So I cherish each and every day that I have her in our lives.



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5 responses to “Sakura

  1. Meg

    Pets are great mood-lifters. What a great way to appreciate unconditional love every day.

  2. The Scattered Life

    I used to have a cat, Amber was her name. She was such a beautiful, warm, loving creature, truly the love of my life. Everytime I had a terrible day, she would look up to me with her bulging eyes and stare. I would start crying for some reason. She triggered my emotions; she understood what I was going through and was there to comfort me. My mother took her away from me and now I don’t have anyone.

    • That is so sad to hear that your mum took Amber away from you, but I’m glad that you got to feel that unconditional love.
      It makes me feel sad for you that you say you don’t have anyone.

  3. bpshielsy

    Aww she’s adorable!

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