Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

I tried to buy my happiness over the years.  I have a lovely home and everything I desired. Lavish Christmas parties, the ability to satisfy every whim. I must have owned every new kind of exercise machine that has been on television over the years.

But all of these material things really do mean nothing. Trips overseas sounded like a great way to escape the monotony of everyday life, but you are still you wherever you go. Then you come home and everything is the same. Same aching sadness, same emptiness.


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10 responses to “Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

  1. Long ago I began getting rid of personal possessions because they meant nothing to me. I am a follower of Jesus, the Christ, and I know that earthly treasures meant nothing. They will all rot. It’s the love, kindness and goodness we show and do and give to others and ourselves that mean everything!!

    I saw your name on Kat’s blog tryingtoescape the darkness, and thought I’d check you out!! I’m starting with your first posts and will work my way through, probably bookmarking this until I catch up. That’s how I do — I have a lot of bookmarked posts to get through!! 😀

    Have you found and become a member of The Mental Health Writers’ Guild? You can find the link on my blog and check it out. It’s a good place to be with some good bloggers with whom you’ll find a lot in common.

    God bless you!!

    • Hi Kathy. i’m not really a religious person but very much appreciate your thoughts on the pointless nature of possessions. It is so true that what we have is nothing compared to what we do and who we are.

      And thanks for taking the time to read through my posts. Please ignore the grammar – it’s a work in progress, and maybe i’ll get better as we go (but don’t count on it!).

      i have not encountered the Mental Health Writers’ Guild before. I guess i just don’t think of myself as a writer. The idea is a good one though, as it’s a good idea to set challenges that are not easy. No guarantees that i’ll get to it or persist even if i do – but it’s a line of thinking that scares and excites me both all the same time.

      I’ve looked at a bit of your writing on your blog. It’s very comprehensive, and i can see why you would be in the writers’ guild!

  2. Hi big sis. How you doing and sakura? Long time no see. Best wishes

    • Hi Little Brother, Sakura is unwell as she got the cat flu. She’s nearly 13 years old so I have to take good care of her, as I would be lost without her. Hugs Big Sis. xx

      • best wishes and prayers for you guys, big sis. You know about my Korea thing? I’m too excited about.

      • Is this your learning Korean and teaching it? xxxx

      • yeah that were. But more important than them that I can get hired by any korean employer any moment now because I got selected through EPS korea. All formalities are done so all I can do now is to wait and pray or I find an employer myself to hire me. Otherwise my name is on Job Roster of Korea and any employer can approach that so one likes to hire me then he or she could.

      • That’s such great news!! My fingers and toes are all crossed for good luck to you. Much love to you, Little brother. Hugs xxxxx

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