A hesitant start

What is depression? How do you know if anxiety has you in its grasp or if you are just unhappy for a moment? When does loneliness become a condition?

This is my story. My journey, and my world. It’s not intended as a “how-to” directory, and if you feel you need help – please go straight to beyondblue.org.au , sane.org or lifeline.org.au (Lifeline is a 24hr confidential crisis response site, where you can confidently talk to someone one on one.) and get professional help, as I have and still do.

Feel free to comment, criticise or suggest changes or thoughts. Please don’t pick on my spelling or grammar. Life’s way too short for such crap, and I don’t really profess to be some kind of professor of English. But I have lived, and if you’ve lived enough to wonder just why you still do – then i’d love you to share my journey. Who knows where we’ll go?

If i’m honest then that’s just part of my coming to grips with a world I had decided to leave. i’ve now decided to stay, so a part of that change in paradigm is a decision to walk a very, very straight line. Feel free to click away to another site. It’s a rather personal journey that I am taking. This may be a public way of making a private journey but i’m thinking that just maybe some other people out there may have been through similar mists of darkness, and may be trying to find their own pathway. If mine helps yours then that’s great. If not, it’s a big world-wide-web, so feel free to visit other, more inspiring and light-hearted sites. I wish you well.

Depression - In hospital and getting better

Depression: In my darker days – but getting better.




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8 responses to “A hesitant start

  1. Thanks for the heistant start, thanks for joining those of us who try to help via the web. Yes people do read and make use of things like this.

  2. I have read a lot of your blogs …but am starting from the beginning again…I have wanted to comment on them….

  3. Like Katie, I too am peeking at the start. so to be nosy, as I go… the tags do not include BPD at this point. Was this a recent diagnosis?

    • No. Just left out… hadn’t realised. Peek all you wish. Lol xxx

      • I was wondering. As doctors change. .. a diagnosis may too. When there is a mixture of disorders symptoms are complex. Things can be missed or miss read.

        Hugs 🙂

      • I agree. Unfortunately they didn’t change any of my diagnosis. Lol
        Still its all just a part of who I am. The BPD doesn’t make me unsociable…many are and I’m glad I’m not one of them.
        I suppose I am what I am and I’m learning to embrace that person. I love unconditionally. Hate racism or prejudices of any kind. I’ve seen what ignorance can do to mental illness. Therefore I want no part in hating someone just because they have different skin or beliefs than mine. Hugs to you. Paula xxxx

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